Off Season Plans

Although its been a good, this fishing season is slowly coming to a close. I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to in terms of posting on the site and fishing due to being really busy with work. Hopefully I’ll get up some posts about some of my upcoming projects. Working right now to get started on my upcoming boat project and adding a few setups and new lures to the arsenal. Next year when my work schedule allows I will hopefully be fishing some tournaments also. I’ll try my best to post some of my most recent purchases and projects. Next year will be an all swimbait and frog year similar to this year but on a larger level. Some trips for some big bass through the ice have also been planned assuming that the water freezes over this winter. I’m doing my best to bide my time until the spring when I can get back out on the water.


Best Fish Of The Season


Caught my largest bass of the season today on a black Koppers with a orange belly. Actually got it on a pretty long hook set and pulled the boat towards the fish about halfway until we hit a rock. Overall it was an extremely slow day since we had a thunderstorm pass through a little earlier. It only took one bass to salvage the trip though.

Need Some Feedback

I’m writing this post to see what you guys out there want to see on The TopWater Bite. It doesn’t even have to necessarily be about topwater frogs or topwater for that matter. I know it’s probably boring seeing posts about my fishing trips every once in a while, and I think I’ve covered just about everything on frogs, so what else do you guys want to see? Are their any techniques, lures, knots, rods, reels, etc that you want me to write about or review? I also see the search terms you use before you click on the link to this site, so if my post doesn’t answer your question, just ask. I’m really open to anything. I work at one of the most well known fishing/outdoor stores in the United States and regularly order lures and stuff on so I can probably get, or know someone who has used, just about anything. I’m also thinking about getting back into carving lures, as I was recently asked if I could carve a  topwater jointed mouse or large swimbait for a guy I work with. So just leave a comment on this post or Facebook or shoot me an email if you have anything in mind or what you’d be interested in. Thanks guys.

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